Is there a way to easily view recurring tasks in one place?

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Is there a way I can view all the reoccurring tasks ONLY apart from the daily tasks I have created? At the moment, when I click on “My Tasks”, it shows all the tasks created.

Thank you in advance.

Welcome Joanna :wave:
So in My Tasks you want to see recurring tasks in one section for example and other tasks in another section? That is not possible, sorry. But you can include a emoji in your recurring tasks (like :spiral_calendar:) to identify them easily.


Not exactly in sections but atleast be able to identify which ones are the recurring tasks.

Your solution is really handy and I will take it on. I was wondering though, using the ASANA web, how do you do the calendar emoji?

While I have you here, is there a way I can add a contact details (like email and phone numbers) into a task. For example, a task that’s for a specific client, I would like the team member to be able to locate the contact details for that client. At the moment, for my recurring task, I have added them into the description. If there is a better way, i would be so happy!

In Mac OS you can do Ctrl+Cmd+Space to get an emoji keyboard. I don’t know the equivalent for Windows, I think Google can help you out. Depending on the location in Asana you can also type “:” and start typing an emoji name.

Task description is good. If you have a Premium or Business account you can use Custom Fields, that would be the best in your case.


You are amazing! Thank you for your help.


Thanks for the emoji keyboard shortcut Bastien didn’t realise it existed…

As I have both Windows and Mac computers I then had to find the Windows Shortcut, so if anyone else is interested it is the “Windows Key” + “.” or “Windows Key” + “;”



Thank you so much for sharing Jason!

I thought it was so handy! I love it!

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