Is there a way to display linked tasks prominently?



There is often a need to link two or more tasks together which are in separate projects. The tasks are not dependent on each other. They are all related to a common feature, but are in different projects because the use cases are different. For example, in a company manufacturing, say, cars there may be separate projects for BrakingSystem, ElectricalSystem and DashboardDisplays. So, the BrakingSystems project may have a task titled, ‘Display brake disc temperature’, the ElectricalSystem project may have a task ‘Display battery status’ and the DashboardDisplays project may have a task ‘Display outside temperature’. It will be useful to link all these three tasks together as it will be more efficient to implement these tasks together.

Currently this is not possible in Asana. It will be useful to have this feature.


Hi @arun I’m intrigued as to the purpose of the link and curious if this is something we could use as well. Currently, this is my work around, let me know if this is kind of what you are looking for. You can tag the related tasks in each task description using their respective link. This would allow you to easily move between the related tasks on different p

rojects. See attached image. Each task has the related tasks linked in blue so I can easily go between them to pull any relevant information as needed. Is that what you are talking about?


Hi @Olive, tags do help to some extent. However with tags we can easily end up with a huge number of tags after a few months. And a lot of the tags might be just duplicates which differ only slightly in wording, as each time a set of tasks for the same feature are tagged together a slightly different wording might be used, for example, “Art Request Form”, “Request for Art Form”, “Request Form for Art” etc. So I think linking related tasks together might be the clean solution.


@arun I know what you mean about the multitude of tasks you might have to sort through for tagging. We also have several projects with the same task names only to differentiated by what Project it is listed under so I’ve been copying the link directly from the task and pasting it into the corresponding task to ensure I’m linking the correct tasks together. I do this instead of using the @ lookup option to avoid confusion. But I look forward to following this thread and hearing more about the proposed function and other solutions.


@arun In an Asana task, there is a “Copy Task Link” option. You can then paste that link into the Description field, or as a Comment, of another task, which makes it a hyperlink. Does that meet your needs (or if not, what’s missing)?


I would use @Phil_Seeman’s suggestion of providing a link in the description by using the “copy link” icon, or @mentioning to the related task.


Links to other tasks buried in comments can easily be missed in a task with a lot of comments. Same with links in task descriptions. However, if links can be displayed prominently at the top like dependent tasks are displayed then links won’t be overlooked.

If displaying links to other tasks at the top is not possible or desirable for some reason, perhaps links to other tasks can be displayed in a separate section in the task, like attachments have a separate section where they are listed.


You could “Pin” the comment with the links to the top of the chatter or enter the Links at the beginning of the Description so that it is always the first thing you see when in the task.


You could “Pin” the comment with the links to the top of the chatter

@Olive , that is a good suggestion. I think a new feature may not be needed after all. I have modified the title of this thread. Thanks.


I like the new title. Makes a little more sense on what you are looking for. And I agree. It would be nice if the links had their own section the way Followers have a designated field area that doesn’t move as you scroll through the page.