Is there a way to change the completed date of a task?


Hi, is there a way to change the completed date of a task after that task has been marked as completed?


Not directly. You can unmark the task as completed, then mark it complete again and it will set the completed date to today’s date. That’s really the only way to alter the completed date I know of.


Hi Patrick, it’s a no if you want to change the finished date to in the past, we all forget to hit the completed button sometimes, and it disturbs reporting.

I have created custom fields to do this, it’s still not a perfect solution as the custom fields are text as date format does not exist.


“does not exist yet…” :slight_smile:

Asana has let us know that date-type custom fields (and a few other new custom field types) are coming; they’re just not quite here yet.


Seems a major shortcoming not to be able to mark the date I actually completed the task (date in past) - a deal-breaking kind of major IMO.