Is there a way to autopopulate a description in a task?

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Just looking to see if there’s a way to autopopulate the description of a task when it’s been assigned to a project?


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Can you elaborate what info you would like to autopopulate?

Hey there! So, honestly just the “description” section under “dependencies” when you create a task initially. Right now I have a comment auto-populating that includes instructions on how to proceed with the task brief but I would just think it would catch the requesters eye quicker if it was up top and not below all the pre-populated subtasks as a comment.

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You could use task templates with a predefined description.

Otherwise, you can prefill descriptions in the ‘default’ tasks within a project template so that when you create a project from such a template your tasks will be created with the descriptions that you previously set in the tasks of the template.

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Additionally to @Richard_Sather‘s great suggestions you could also use rules that automatically create new a new task which has all the info.
There are a bunch of trigger options.

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Is it possible to set a project up so that when an Outlook task (a task from the Outlook add on) comes into the designated project, it creates the Template Task with the pre defined description text instead of it using the blank default task? If not is there any way to have the blank default task converted into the template version keeping all the important data too. Sorry if this sounds confusing.