Is there a way to add default collaborators to any new TASK regardless of the project it's in?

We use projects as clients - and want certain things to happen any time a new task is added for that project (client) - in this case we want to add 2 default collaborators each time a new task is created.

I have a Template for new projects that uses this rule - but we also have many older projects that were created that did not use this template. So a workaround for that would be to able to add this rule to all new tasks.

Is there a way to add collaborators to any new TASK regardless of which project it’s in?

Thank you.

Hi @KarenV. The best way (and only way I believe) to automate the adding of collaborators to any new TASK is through the use of rules. For the older projects which you want to add tasks you will have to enable the rules for each project (client). For future projects, you can also just create a “blank template” which has the rule enabled for adding the default collaborators for every new task.

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@KarenV, The only other approach I can think of is to make a “template task” including those collaborators pre-added, then use the Duplicate Task function (instead of creating a brand new task) to instantiate tasks already having the collaborators.


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Thanks @Bernie_Orelup and @lpb

OK - right - so for new projects, use the template…

But for old projects/clients we’d have to add the rule as we work on them again (which requires the person remembering to do that each time they add a new project/client).

I had tried the Duplicate Task idea before upgrading to Business and creating the rule - but not sure it saves any time over just adding the 2 collaborators. (and both also require the person to remember to do it).

I’d love to see some kind of “global” rules where a particular rule or some rules can be added to all tasks regardless of project. But not sure how difficult that would be with permissions, etc. In our case it would work perfectly because the 2 collaborators are admins/company owners so permissions would never be an issue.

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Makes sense, @KarenV, and there may be a product feedback request already to have rules work across projects (may be a tall order).

Another idea, again, not ideal: Set up an advanced search report to run periodically (limited to tasks within the past period each time) to find tasks that may not have both collaborators (not easy to find so don’t worry about that; just find ones that should have both collaborators). Multi-select all and add the two collaborators; if they were already there, no harm. Note: It will appear for a multi-selection that the collaborators are on all tasks but it’s just showing you the union across all tasks:


Just add those two people again at the end of the input where the cursor is; it will appear not to do anything in the input field but behind the scenes it will have added the two people to any tasks not including either.


Thanks Larry for the creative idea and details even though we may not end up using it, appreciate it.

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