Is there a Way to Add a Due Date to a Recurring Task and Have it Show Daily on the Calendar before the Actual Due Date?


Am I missing something? How can I make a recurring task show every day on the calendar before the due date? I’m setting the task to repeat every day before the deadline/due date (e.g. September 21), but the task only appears on the Due Date in the calendar. I would like to see it on my calendar as a daily task 09/15-09/20.


At present, there’s no way to have Asana show each occurrence of a recurring task on the calendar. See this discussion thread for more information and to vote on having this capability added to the product.

In your case, since all of your occurrences are on consecutive days, I wonder if you might partially resolve this need by setting the Start Date for the task to 09/15 and the Due Date to 09/21. That way it would show on the calendar for each day in that range. (Start Date is a Premium feature so you’d need to be on Asana Premium to do this.)


@Phil_Seeman is correct; here is a screenshot of where you can set the start date.


Hmm… I see. I don’t have Premium so I now I know it’s not something I can do. Thanks!


Thanks, Todd.