Is there a rule for hide content of the task, in a single section, except some assigned user?

Hi everyone. For my project with assistance with tickets to our customers i need that i can show content of the task only who have to solve the problem.

Hello @Giuseppe_Di_Lorenzo,

what you can do is set up a form. In the form one mandatory field is a single select field with all the names of your team members that have to work on the tasks.

Then set up a rule that triggers for every form submission and moves each task to a different project (depending on the name selected). This way only the person who has to work on the task will see the details.

Alternatively you can also split things in departments by adding a custom field to select “Marketing, Sales, Web Development, etc” and then the same thing can be done, depending on the selection a rule triggers and moves the task to another project.

More info on rules here Rules • Asana

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