Is there a place to report possible bugs?


I’m using Firefox Quantum and finding that when I try to move a task, the cursor does not ‘pick up’ the task even though it has turned into a ‘hand’. Then, if i move my mouse or scroll, there is a pop up window that appears and stays static on the page even while the content is scrolling underneath it. the popup window does not disappear even if i adjust the panes, turning them on and off. i also have tried reloading the page, and the issue is somewhat consistent. earlier today, i moved 44 tasks at once from one place on a list into another section on the same list. please advise.?


Hi @UMA_Lo I have had that problem before and it seems to only happen with Firefox. The last two times it has happened for me it was because I wasn’t on the latest Firefox version. Check that and see if that fixes your problem.


Hi Jason, Thanks for the suggestion. I have since confirmed my Firefox version is most up-to-date - and the same problem happened just a minute ago. Any other suggestions or advice?
(Sounds like using another Browser could be a work around… but curious if there is a formal place to document this so that Asana developers can look at it… or maybe you are with Asana - dont’ want to assume either way.)