Is there a faster way to "mark complete" tasks in Board view?



In Board view, you need to click to open the task and then click again on “Mark complete” and then click again to return to board view. 3 WHOLE CLICKS! Ahhhh!!! LOL
But seriously, it seems like Asana would have built in a faster way to “mark complete” tasks in Board view??
Please help if you know.


Hey @Andrew_Hewitt1

At the moment you do need to click into each task to mark it complete within a boards project. That said, I invite you to up-vote the following post in our feedback category, for multi-select, which would speed up the process of completing more than one task at a time.

One workaround I can offer would be to run an advanced search of tasks in this project (if you have a premium plan) then multi-select the tasks you wish to mark complete, & do so in the Task pane to the right. The changes you make here, will then be reflected in your boards project as well!

Hope this helps!