Is there a Default Team for new projects?

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Weird thing I noticed today while training a coworker: if anyone in the organization creates a new project via a task (in a task - > add project - > type in a project that does not exist - > choose “Create [project name]”), it always ends up in the same random project.

I thought maybe it was defaulting because the Team name started with an A, but changing the name did not change this behaviour.

Is there somewhere this is set or some way to know how Asana chooses the team to create tasks in?


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In my case, it defaults to the first team on the left. You can reorganize teams by drag and dropping them.

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Hi @joi_foley! This is a great question, I also checked and the project was automatically added to the first team in the sidebar. You can use the quick add option to create a project and chose a specific team or you can also reorganize your teams in the sidebar to ensure the first team is the one you’d like to be the default one.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Awesome! Thanks, forum friends!! :raised_hands:t3: