Is there a dashboard feature on the mobile app?


I work for a general contractor and we’ve begun using Asana to monitor the many different projects we have going on at one time. For us in the office, we love the dashboard feature on the web app and have been using the progress tabs and the dashboard to update any new developments with each client and their projects. We would like to have our foreman in the field be able to update the progress tabs as well, but I cannot find a way to update the status of a project anywhere in the mobile app. It seems so weird to have such a clean large scale overview feature with the progress tab and the dashboard be available on the web app, but no way to see or change any of that in the mobile app.

I really hope I’m just missing something and this should be an easy thing to do on the mobile app.


@Scott_Langlie. Unfortunately Scott you aren’t missing something the Mobile App doesn’t have dashboard view.

Not sure if you can use a web browser on the phone to access the web version of Asana to then access the dashboard as a possible work around.