Is there a bug w/ repeating tasks?

Hey Asana community!

I was wondering if anyone’s ran into a bug w/ repeating tasks. They used to work for me, but don’t seem to be anymore :frowning:

I setup a repeating task to “Repeat Monthly on the 6th day of every month”

But on my timeline view, you can see the July instance of “Pay Credit Card Bill”, but nothing for August and beyond


@Gregory_Lou, I’m afraid only the next recurrence ever appears, not all future ones. Once you mark the current recurrence complete, the subsequent recurrence will be created.



ah ha, that’s the trick! Thanks so much Larry! Thought I was going crazy :blush:


@lpb, we are an accounting firm and have to do weekly tasks irrespective of the previous one getting completed. Plus, when we are looking at the calendar for next week or month, we want to see all repetitive tasks. Any ideas on how to achieve this?

@P_Karia, I think you’ll need individual, non-repeating tasks (or subtasks, depending on your use case, could be a nicer way to go) in this case.

You could probably most easily create these in GSheets/Excel/text editor as a CSV and use the Asana Import facility (slow, but effective, and not a big deal since you could just do once annually). Import with the “Subtask Of” feature permits subtask creation if you want to go that route. That would allow you to persist a single comment thread for the set of repeating-but-not-really tasks, which could prove helpful.

Hope that helps,


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@lpb, Thanks. That may work, but it could become messy because now we need to maintain a master task list outside of asana. Basically, everytime we want to add a repetitive task, we will need to remember to add it in the Excel file - duplicate the rows, update the dates, save as a separate csv and then import. The other issue I see is what happens when i have duplicated the tasks through the end of the year for a client and the client leaves us? Would we have to manually complete/delete all their future tasks to keep thetask list/calendar clean?

For the cleanup, you can use multi-select in Asana Advanced Search Results (paid plan) to do that quickly.

But yes, generating these is cumbersome if you have many of them (I didn’t realize that). Long-term it’s usually not productive to workaround Asana to such an extent. If you’re not able to accept the way Asana uses repeating tasks, and individual tasks are too cumbersome, maybe if you’re continuing to use Asana you need to see if another tool in its kit could help you but I’m not sure your needs can fully be met.


Thanks, Larry. Appreciate your getting back to me so promptly. I like Asana and have been on the fence for over a year hoping that they would add this functionality as it is critical for us. but, gettting you to confirm that there is no easy workaround makes me feel good to go start looking elsewhere.

You have a great 4th.

Sorry to possibly see you go! Just in case I missed anything, I’m going to ping @Marie or @Natalia to see if they have any better solutions.

Regardless, best wishes!

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Hi @P_Karia and welcome to the Forum! :clap:

I completely understand how useful it would be to see all repetitive tasks on the Calendar. I’ve gone ahead and escalated the feedback to our team. Although I can’t promise when this will be implemented, I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update on my end!

Thank you so much for your help @lpb!! :hugs:

Have both a great day!


Thanks, Natalia. Would love to get an update when this is implemented. Till that time, I am going to see if we can use Larry’s workaround. You have a great one too!!