Is the limited access option available in the free version?

Is the limited access option available in the free version? The guidebook shows exactly how to mark a member as limited - but the screen shot images are different than the options I am given. The only option that shows up for me is REMOVE. Please clarify exactly who can use the Limited Access option!


Hey @Lauren_Slade, welcome,

From what I am reading it should be available but as I am looking around for it I am not seeing it, potentially because I’m not an admin. Do you have admin privileges? Maybe someone from @ambforumleader will have some more insight.


Hi @Lauren_Slade

Welcome to the forum. The feature is available regardless of the asana level you have.
You should be able to convert a member to a limited access as per the guide and screen shots you are having. I have tested it on my free account and I am able to mark someone limited access member from both - admin console and project itself by marking them ‘can comment only’.

If for some reason you are not seeing that option, then I suggest:

  1. contact the workspace admin - if it is not you and see if they have different visibility. If they still cannot access it, then
  2. Submit a support ticket on this page: Asana Support - Help Center • Asana : select I am having trouble with, then scroll to the bottom and select ‘let’s talk’ and someone will respond to your issue.

Hope this helps!

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