Is sorting by project no longer possible?



My apologies if this has been asked somewhere else already.

I have asana set up so that I have a master project (called todo). This project is sorted “by project” according to the dropdown.

In each task in the project, I can add multiple projects, making it a “multi-homed” task. When I add a project to a task, it then categorizes the task, under that project.

This is incredibly useful and helpful and easy to use.

Unfortunately, the option to sort by “Project” seems to have disappeared.

I’ve just joined a new team, and want to use Asana to manage projects, being able to sort by project in this way is really necessary.

So, how do I sort, by project??? Why did this amazing feature go away?

See screenshot:


The only areas I have ‘sort by project’ is in my tasks and searches. I like the flow you described though I’ve not used it.

@Alexis for the question. I’m not sure if it went away, hopefully it’s just a bug =)


Hi Caisha, @Alexis

I can still sort by project in “My Tasks”, but not in other projects.

I think I remember doing something like “Convert this Project to a Team”, but I can’t find that feature either.

As far as I know, this is the only way to put multiple tags on a task, then sort by those tags…is there any other way to do this?


Ok so after several emails back and forth with support, telling me that sorting by projects is impossible, I’ve answered my own question.

It seems there used to be a feature to sort a project, “by project” the way you can sort “my tasks” “by project”.

For some reason, this feature is gone, even though it makes everything super intuitive and useful and quick.

You can get almost the same functionality by:

  1. Create a search, for tasks in the project in mind.
  2. Run the search
  3. Then sort the results, by project, using the gear icon.
  4. Star this search, to save it in your favorites
  5. Then rename the starred search to something meaningful.

However: I don’t think there is a way to then share this “favorite”…you will have to upgrade to premium to create a “report”.

Also, when you could just “sort by project” it would show tasks that didn’t belong to any other projects…in other words, a task that hadn’t be characterized. Like this:

13 AM

This has gone away now…you have to look though your whole list of tasks to see which ones don’t belong to a project. :frowning:

Anyway, I hope this helps someone save time if they have the same issue. I spent hours trying to figure this out.


Wow, I’m glad you figured it out, but sad to hear it’s gone away! I’m thinking it might be related to the ‘UI fix’ when they removed my beloved ‘completed tasks within X time’ view for projects =((

FWIW, I think you can ‘share’ saved searches, once you’ve favorited them you should be able to rename them, and then you can reference/hyperlink them within asana, or send someone a link to it. But maybe that’s what you meant by reports/premium.

I recommend you look at this thread and throw your request in there (and vote), since I’m fairly certain it’s related -