Is private project a paid feature?

Hi, have a workspace with 3 members with several projects in it all 3 members are active in all those projects.

I want to create another project for myself and a few people outside the workspace.

If I create a private project and try to add new members, I get a message that I need to upgrade in order to add members to a private project.
However, if I create a public project I can add members outside the workspace (I’ve tried adding a test account on my other email) and it seems that those users won’t be able to see any other projects in the workspace (that’s the goal here) but it shows that the project is public to the Workspace and its collaborators.

Am I doing it right and I can be sure that anyone that I invite outside of the workspace to the newly created public project won’t see any other projects in the workspace or is this a paid feature after all?

Welcome to the Community Forum @Mindaugas_Butavicius!

You are right, the option to set a project as Private is a paid feature. With the basic version of Asana you can set a project as Request to join or Public. If you have a Workspace, you can try inviting Limited Access Members.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile: