Is it possible to use a task name to create a Project Automatically?

My idea is to have a form collecting info. All info is collected together as tasks in a list inside a project. If the task qualifies, I want to create an automation that takes the task name and creates a new project named as the task.

Any idea on how to do this?

Hello @Alfonso_Martinez, welcome to the Asana forum,
There is no rules for do this but when you will qualify task to convert project, you can use advanced option inside task “convert to project”, here it is:

Here it more info:


Hi @Alfonso_Martinez,

FYI this is available using our Flowsana integration. Flowsana has a “Create new project…” rule action which is exactly what you’re looking for.

You can see how it works here:

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Hi Charlie, thanks a lot, it works. However, I find some flaws, for example by creating a project from task, it does not upload the attachments or custom fields.

Would it be possible to include them in the new project?

My idea is that from a Form the user can add an initial attachment that will be reviewed by an admin team who will decide to create the project or not

Hello @Alfonso_Martinez ,
You can find small information about your case in description during convertion process:

It means that in description (overview of the projcet) you can find link to the oryginal task (converted)

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