Is it possible to turn a Section into a Task?


We recently made a Section and accidentally added several sub-tasks to it. We want to turn the section into a regular task but we cannot find an easy way to do this. Anyone know how?



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Hi @MichaelHarvey and welcome back!

The easiest way to convert this section into a task while preserving the parent subtasks is to:

  1. Create a new task in your project
  2. Open your Section
  3. (Optional: Copy anything in your Section description into your new task description)
  4. Multi-select your subtasks and drag them in the task list
  5. In your new task create a test subtask (you will be able to delete it afterward)
  6. Drag your existing subtasks from the task list into your new task and you’re all set!

Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any follow-up questions!


It would be way better if you could just click the ‘turn section into task’ button. :{

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Awesome, thanks Marie!