Is it possible to resize days on the calendar?


Hey there, just wanted to submit a quick feature request!

As of now, if I want to look at all the tasks on my upcoming Monday using the calendar, the view is very small, and each task is abbreviated. I have to click on each individual task in order to fully see what it is.

Is it possible to resize individual days and view them on the calendar? Thank you!


Hi @Michael_Walker, I don’t think this is currently possible in Asana. However, I’d also advocate for this feature, or just in general a more customizable calendar view. Especially planning daily meetings and integrating them with the tasks I have for that day is way to big of an effort at the moment.


Hi Michael,
resizing seems impossible at this time. What could be of some help is the synchronization of Asana projects to an external calendar. But that is of course a lame solution since you wouldn’t be able to edit anything.
I would love to see the resize function, too!


Good to know some other people feel the same way!

Is there an official “submit features” form?


Thanks for your thoughts! At this time we’re just using the product feedback section of the Community. Here’s how…


This must be by far the most used link in this community. :wink: