Is it possible to remove the option to mark as complete

Hi everyone. We use ASANA for a library of all of our procedures… with all the steps of how to do everything.

That means, we never want anyone to mark a task as complete, otherwise our library looses information.

Is there a way for us to remove the option of mark as complete.

Thanks so much

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The best thing to do is giving people comment access only, for more info see Project permissions | Product guide • Asana Product Guide
The downside though is that people with comment only access won‘t be able to add tasks either but you could set up a form so people can submit info or you have a few coordinators who ensure your wiki stays tidy.

Another option is to set up rules that always reopen tasks in case something is marked as complete by mistake.

Does that help?

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That is fabulous, thank you Andrea. May I ask, am I able to use the rules to always reopen tasks available in the free version?

Hey @Melissa_Vella,
unfortunately not. Here is an overview on rules available for Premium: More Rules for Premium - #2 by Rebecca_McGrath

More info on rules here: Using Rules in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

The only other option I can think of is to use an additional tool such as Flowsana or otherwise you can manually check all completed tasks every 2-4 weeks for example and then bulk unmark them as complete.

Bummer, but thank you for such comprehensive help again Andrea.

I can certainly work with that. Have a great day.

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