Is it possible to quickly download multiple files attached to a task?

Relatively new Asana user here, and am REALLY surprised and disappointed that multiple attachment downloads is not supported. Seems like a fundamental requirement in any project workflow tool, especially online.


I agree this is awful

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Are there any news regarding this issue?

Yes, it’s really a nightmare to download every single file. Any news in this topic?

I’d really love to have this feature as well… labor intensive to manually download each attachment. Ideally it would zip the attachments as well, like Gmail when you download all attachments.

yes pleeeeaseeee !!!

Hi Adam, I’m Daniel from Bridge24. We would like to implement that feature into our product. If you could send us your code, that would allow us to release that feature very quickly. Contact us at In exchange we could give you a lifetime premium account.


Anyone found a solution?

Any more on this?

Surprised this hasn’t been added - we have loads of images being added by clients so this would be very useful.

I can´t believe that there´s not a solution yet.
Please help us!


Well, it’s probably they want to make it payable

I wrote a little python code that will allow you to do this using the python asana library. It goes through a given project and dowloads all the attachments linked to each task in a folder.
Gist here if anyone is interested.: