Is it possible to limit organization membership to join by request?



Wondering if it’s possible for organization admins to receive a request for approval when someone wants to join the org, similar to how teams with membership by request work. Some staff don’t need access to Asana for their roles, and sometimes people with multiple email addresses join twice, causing our cost to go up (since it’s per seat).

And a second question is whether we can limit the creation of teams.



Great questions, @Jennifer_Orr. Organization membership is based on email domain, and anyone with the email domain will be able to join the organization. There is no way to limit this access at the organization level, but you will have Admin access in a premium org to be able to see user activity and remove users as needed.

Regarding creation of teams, there is no way to limit this functionality either, and Org Admins will have access to view the Teams created and edit them as needed (screenshot below):