Is it possible to have a default due time for every new task (so I always have tasks in my calendar and not in the top bit without a time)


I often forget to add a due time for a new task and this is a problem for my scheduling (when I look at Google Calendar, which Asana is syncing to). Is there a way to make my tasks automatically have a due time, which I can edit later if I need to?



Not possible to have anything set by default on a task, sorry.



Ah OK thanks - any idea of a workaround?



Having a “default task” you always duplicate, instead of creating a new task from scratch… or maybe use Flowsana If-then rule from @Phil_Seeman? :thinking:



Not available within Flowsana at the present time; I’ve avoided providing any rule conditions/actions involving dates because those could collide with the other workflow types. I might add some in the future.

But the other issue that I suspect @syncsyncsync would run into, with wanting to use either Flowsana or Zapier for this goal, is that due to the way the Asana API works, both of those solutions operate on a project-by-project basis, not on one’s overall organization/workspace. So you’d have to create an identical rule for every project (and remember to add the rule to any new project created). I suspect that would make such a workaround too cumbersome.