Is it possible to automatically create subtask as I move a Task from a section to another? Thanks

Dear community,

Thanks for having me. I am a relatively new user and have a quick question I can’t find the answer to…
Is it possible to have subtasks automatically created as I move a Task from a Section to another?

We are using the project to manage partnership and the sections to classify the stage the partnerships is in (exploring, developping closed,…). For each section, there is standard subtask I would like Asana to autocreate ? Is that possible?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Hi @Jeremy_Greant and welcome to the forum,

There’s no built-in automation to create subtasks. You can do it using the “Add subtasks” rule action in our Flowsana integration, combined with the “When a task is moved to section [some section name]” rule trigger condition.

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