Is it possible to activate a task templates as a subtask

Hey Asana folks,

I use asana to follow my editorial process. Each task = an article on my blog.
I’d like to create a template called “Content Update” and be able to activate it as a subtask whenever i want.

usecase :
Article 23 has been published 3 months ago. I think that updating the content would be interesting. I open the task and activate “content update” template as a subtask of Article 23. It populates the subtask.

Is it possible or templates are just used at the task level ?

Many Thanks

Hi and welcome, @Alexis8,

What I’ve done successfully is just define that content update subtask template as a regular task template, instantiate it as you do a regular task template, then, with the destination task (Article 23) selected, drag the newly-created task template into position among the existing subtasks of Article 23.

I don’t believe there’s a more direct way to do this in Asana itself, but maybe others can chime in too.




Another option would be to use the “Create subtasks from a template” rule action in our Flowsana integration.


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