Is it possible to act on parent tasks through rules?

Hello everyone,

I am working on extending a pre-existing CRM built in Asana with lots of different rules. So far the automation works quite well, creating a subtask when moving tasks from one section to another.

Right now I would like to act on the parent (main) task when a subtask is marked as complete (or moved in another section). So far I haven’t found a way (without toying with the Asana API) to do so.

Anyone has encountered a similar need and know how to handle it?



The native rules don’t apply on subtasks, so you won’t be able to trigger. Even if you multi-home subtasks into the project itself, you won’t be able to target the parent task. Custom code I believe is your only chance.


Thanks for the quick reply @Bastien_Siebman

That’s what I thought…

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