Is Asana planning to get rid of tags?



Is Asana slowly trying to de-emphasize tags? I have been wondering off and on for a while, and today’s task pane update ( gave me another reason to ask. Here’s what makes me ask:

  1. Tags are not supported in the Asana Chrome Extension.
  2. As of today’s task pane change, adding tags is tucked away instead of a one-click option for mouse users. Personally, I’m a keyboard shortcut user, so it doesn’t really change my workflow, but if I was a mouse user it would be a big deal).
  3. A while ago, Asana removed the ability to view tags in the left hand navigation menu.

Does Asana’s user base not use tags very often? Since Asana is normally pretty good (from what I’ve seen/heard) at focusing on the UX, I wonder if I’m just an outlier in my every day use of tags? I’m worried that a key part of how I organize in Asana is going to one day disappear based on the signs I keep seeing from the Asana development changes.


I am a mouse user and today it’s driving me nuts that I have to click the dropdown menu in order to create tags. PLEASE put Tags back on the main page. I use tags on almost every task and this is adding more work. Thanks!


@WideSmiler - nice observation and I hope not! I use and rely on TAGS. I like to use the chrome extn. to get the task into asana and then properly define and sort. That’s when I put tags and associate to other projects etc.

@Allison_Alexander - I am a “mouser” as well; can’t stand touchpads. I have forced myself to utilize the keyboard shortcuts to speed up my task filing - TAB+T for tags and TAB+P projects
oh yes and TAB-backspace to DELETE those blank tasks you create after hitting the ENTER key :slight_smile:


I have a love-hate relationship with hitting enter to start new tasks – love it when project planning!!


I would surprised they do :thinking: but I need to acknowledge that there have not been any innovation around tags for a while…


I also find it very annoying that tagging a new task is now 2 clicks away. Please bring the tags icon back again next to Attachment icon or so!


I agree. “Add to project” has also been moved to the end of the task, which is a long way down the page when emails are forwarded to Asana. Please bring back to the top!


I’m beginning to wonder about that. I abosolutely hate their board view and how you cannot filter the boards by tags. It is the worst implementation of a board I have ever seen. If I could I would migrate our entire teams into Teamwork PM.

There’s so much about Asana I don’t like and their lack of tag usage is definitely one of them.


While it’s a bit of a digression, I agree that the board view has a long way to go :-). However, I also appreciate that Asana implemented it when they saw trends moving that direction.