Is safe enough to use for moving Projects between Workspaces?



I want to Copy Asana projects from one workspace to another, as i used to use asana free version , now using Premium, inside newly created organization.

When i was about to use it, it says

"No Warranty
This tool does not delete any data, and will not modifiy any existing projects (a new copy is made each time)

No warranty is made however - use at your own risk"

@Alexis @Christina_Haas Can you guys help me ?

Thank you

Moving a personal project to an organisational one

Hi ARaj,

At this time it is not possible to copy projects from one workspace to another. However, an option that may work for you is to copy the tasks in the project as you would in the text editor. Then, just paste into a new project. This will copy the main task information and then all you’ll need to do is add any applicable custom fields and assignees.



I just used it and had no problems with Kothar. very Nice tool. If you have any doubt just copy the project within your old workspace and the move the copied project.