Is an Admin or Billing Contact notified when we use up all our seats?

Is an alert sent to an Admin or Billing Contact when we use up all our seats? We are quickly reaching the number of purchased organization seats and realized that since turning on SAML, anyone within our organization can become an Asana member without joining a team. No one is alerted when this occurs and there is a concern we will use up all our seats and will not realize its happened.

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To answer your question, the billing owner will receive notifications once the subscription is full and you’ve reached your subscription limit.

Also, the admin of the Organization has access to special tools such as the Admin Console to easily remove any extra members from the Org.

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Can you also tell us how long the admin has to resolve the issue before being billed? :thinking:


Thank you. It’s understood an Admin can view the number of seats used/remaining, but the role of Admin in our organization would not necessarily be responsible for monitoring that information. It’s good to know that at least the billing contact will receive notification!

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Actually a follow up question to this - can we require approval for new members in general? I see an option to approve members requesting to join a team, but a person can join Asana and not be a member of a team. We did not receive an alert when this user was set up.

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