Is adding an already existing Task into a newly created Milestone possible?

Is there no way to add a task that already exists into / under a Milestone? You appear to only be able to create new tasks/subtasks under new Milestones.

I’ve just joined a new team who handles multiple projects and was hoping to do some re-organisation to better use the other functions of Asana, but it’s not worth having to duplicate 100s of tickets under than Milestone.

Welcome, @Niall_Bird,

In a project in list view, if you have a Milestone task “M” and a second regular task “S” you can click Details for “M” so it appears in the right-side Task Details pane, then drag task “S” by it’s far-left drag handle and drop it on the right in “M’s” detail pane subtasks area when the horizontal line drop target appears. “S” is now a subtask of “M”.

Is that what you’re looking for?



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