Iphone App - Unable to Sync - Error


Hi All,

I am trying to upload images that I snapped with my phone to tasks and it is saying “Unable to Sync, A sync error occurred while adding attachment …” How do I fix this? I have used it frequently in the past and never had an issue with it.




Welcome to the Forum @Kevin_Griendling and sorry for the trouble here!

I’d recommend to quickly re-install the Asana application on your phone, it will most likely fix your issue! If it doesn’t, please let me know so we can investigate the issue further!

All the best!


I don’t know if Kevin ever got back with you but I have a user having the same issue even after reinstalling the app.


Hi @Jason_Combs1, can you confirm what action this user was trying to perform when he got this error?


I get the same error on the iPad app


Hi @Wiekus_Venter and thanks for reaching out! Can you confirm what action you were taking when you ran into this error?


I started by adding a new item in a board / column view, when I added a responsible person (a new person) it gave the error. I tries without assigning it and the it worked…