iOS notifications - missing features or am i missing something!?



For a product that this is so nice of; basic notification features are missing or not working?
Can someone from Asana guide me here.?

  1. a task setup for due date of 11AM today on iOS app; and never received any notification; btw all the notification options are on.
  2. the app badge count is a wasteful implementation; which does not have options to show count of remaining through the day / other options.

calendar implementation is noted to be very bad - lot of sync issues as mentioned in other posts. if IFTTT / Zap is to be used; believe me there are many more apps similar to asana then! with privacy concerns around IFTTT / Zap; just doesn’t make sense to use them to create additional workflows; which should inherently be part of the app itself.

why are we so ignorant of mobile apps; am sure android would have its share of these trivial problems too.

any comments from asana experts / Asana team?


I’m having the same problem with the iOS app. I’m trialling different apps and I like Asana but if the reminders don’t work then it’s a straight no.


So…I’ve just found a thread where guys are asking for this as a feature so seems like it isn’t there rather than not working.


Second that


Would be happy to see better implementation of push notifications. Why there is no push and app badge for Inbox messages ? Or I just dont know how to turn them on ?