IOS integration (share from photo) does not link to Project

Hi, using IOS 12.1 and app 7.0.0.

I take a photo and click the IOS ‘Share’ action/ extension.
Select Asana
It automatically set myself as owner, the project is defaulted to my Team project board (not personal projects).
Click create and task is created in Asana.


  • The task is created and assigned to myself.
  • The project is however not linked to the Team project.

Any ideas

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us @Jim_Jamz and welcome to the Forum!

You’re completely right, when “sharing” a photo from iOS via Asana, the task created is automatically assigned to you, and you do not have the option to attach it to a project. While you can easily switch the Organization/WS in which the task is created, there isn’t an option yet allowing you to choose which space to use by default. Hopefully, thee are modifications we can implement in the future :crossed_fingers:t3:

Thanks again for sharing your feedback with us Jim, we really appreciate it!