iOs Due Date Sorting does not work for "Due Time"

View: Tasks by Due Date on iOs device does not sort on Due time for that day. So if tasks have a particular order they should be in for the date, it won’t be sorted correctly.

Would really like this feature corrected as it makes following a daily routine more fluid without having to log on on the computer.


date/time sorting was working perfect before the latest Asana IOS update. I tried mailing to the support line and could not find a solution. I was told that It will sort only by the date and not by the time but is was working perfect till I updated it. Please help.

On the desktop version on my MAC, when I sort “My Tasks” by due date it also sorts it by the TIME with the same date…this doesn’t happen on my Iphone or Ipad. In fact I get some of yesterday’s tasks in the middle of today’s tasks after I select sort by due date…

This makes it impossible to order my tasks for the day if they are all lumped together with untimed due dates or yesterdays tasks.

Not only sorting by time but having option to display date & time in list views.

It seems hugely redundant to enter start/end times but not be able to use or display them.