iOS app on iPhone SE - change due date screen issue

On the Asana iOS app, on an iPhone SE (1st gen), when I go to the ‘change due date’ screen for an activity which has either a recurrence or a due time, due to the presence of these extra options, the bottom of the screen, including the “set” button, is off the bottom of the screen, and I can’t scroll the screen - therefore I’m unable to save any changes, and can only press “cancel” at the top to get out of the screen. Therefore, I’m now unable to use recurrence or times, or change the date on any activity with these settings. I can only change the date on activities without the extra information.

Hi @Tom_Bell1,

Could you try reinstalling the app and let me know if the issue persist?

If the issue persists, could you share what version of iOS you’re using, and share a screenshot illustrating the issue? Thanks!

I’ve tried reinstalling but the issue persists.

I’ve got an iPhone SE (1st gen) so I can’t run iOS 16. I’m running iOS 15.8.1 and I’ve got the last version of Asana that runs on that.

Here’s a screenshot showing how the “set” button is inaccesible. I’m unable to scroll this screen.

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Hi @Tom_Bell1 , thank you for sharing the device details. Unfortunately, our iOS app now requires iOS 16 as the minimum. As we no longer support older versions, you may experience performance and compatibility issues that we are not able to fix.

I apologize for not being able to assist you with this bug. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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