IOS: Add sections creation and sorting in my tasks

I’d love to see the following updates for the IOS app:

  • add the ability to create sections to list projects on mobile
  • add creation start and end dates in mobile
  • sort and group “my tasks” more like a to-do list would

Same here. I just saw this hidden button and realized it’s not available on the app yet.

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This is my current #1 frustration with an otherwise amazing product.

This topic was covered by @Jason_Woods who asked two other Asana community members to weigh in - that was Sep 2017.

Can someone at Asana let us know where the iOS app functionality is in your product development roadmap please?


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If you create a task ending with a colon it becomes a section in the current version of the iOS app.


This no longer seems to work since a recent version of asana.
I beleve they are doing away the the ending colon being used to create a section in favor a keyboard shortcut that does not appear to work on ios.

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I agree with this request.

Same on Android and iOS user need to be able’ to add section not only task to organize the list from mobile app.