Inviting temporary guests without creating an account


Our project management team need to invite clients to approve and complement important information at different stages in the project.

However, the invitation of a guest to the team or project or task is way too fiddly, and our clients will not approve of this process. As an average tech familiar person you have no problem with this, but our clients are not very smart not have patience.

How can we have them receive this shared information (typically a task or maybe a project) without creating a user?

Please don’t suggest they have to create an account, because they will not.


Hi @Niclas_Lundberg :slight_smile: One recommendation is to create a “Guest” dummy account. Whenever you have a client that needs to see a task, simply give them the email login and password for that Guest account so they can see the specific task or project. Be sure to edit privacy settings for that Guest account beforehand!


@Niclas_Lundberg - check out

We’ve just started using this for our upper management who do not use asana. It gives us a website we can link them to, or we can print the site to a PDF.