Inviting a guest who is a member of another organization

I sent a guest invitation to someone, and it turns out their domain is already under another Asana organization. Okay, should be no problem. Except they cannot see my organization’s projects or tasks. Am I missing something? Or can I not make someone a guest if they’re already in another organization?

Hi @Claire_Vannette and thank you so much for reaching out! :smiley:

Sorry about the inconvenience here. Let me give you a little bit of context to see if I can help you with this.

You can invite any member of another Organization to collaborate in your Organization as a Guest. They will have limited access and they will only see what is explicitly shared with them.

  • If you add Guests as collaborators to a specific task, they will only see this task. They will not see the other tasks nested in the project.

  • If you Add Guests as Project Members, they will only see this project and the tasks within this project. They will not see other projects in the Team, or any other Teams or projects in your Organization.

  • If you invite Guests to a Team they will only be able to access to Public Projects (and Private ones that they have been invited to) within that Team. They will not see other Teams or projects in your Organization unless they’ve been invited to them.

You can find additional information about Guests in the following Guide Article

I hope this information helps. Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!