Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View!

Hi @Phil2,

I do appreciate your feedback and will include it to the weekly report I’m sending to our PMs. I’m afraid we’re not able to make this view optional (you can read more on this topic in this post), but we’re actively working on feedback and have already actioned some of them (ex: ability to resize columns). If you haven’t yet, I’d highly recommend you to add your vote to Add space to left and right of list view to reduce eye tracking issues on large monitors

Hi @Katriel_Friedman,

I’ve already escalated a task to the Team when @Clayton_Chipper raised this issue earlier on, and our team has confirmed that they’re aware of the extra step (=clicking Enter) to access the Tag field. It is on their radar, although it hasn’t been prioritised yet!

I’m double-checking to see if there is an alternative to exit to tag field and will keep you posted on this topic.

Thanks for your help and willingness to help us improve shortcuts in Asana, really appreciate it!


The new design with boxes/columns for “assignee” and “date” is less easy to use. I feel what I am looking at is visually cluttered!


I’m really disappointed in this new view. It looks so clunky and has only made tracking my projects harder. Also every time I add a new task under a section now, it pops up under some other section.


I have to say I like the new list view, but I definitely agree that there are clear benefits to the old view, and it’s a shame they are lost now. They really should have figured out a way to opt for either view.


@Katriel_Friedman and @Clayton_Chipper,

Our team just got back to me with some updates which I’ve successfully tested on my end. Here is how I access the Tag field, add a tag to the task and move to the next/previous field only with shortcuts:

Tab + T > Tag Name > Enter > Left or right arrow to move to previous/next field

Let me know if that works for you!

It is extremely frustrating to have to click on the text box all the way on the left to edit or delete a task. This really slows down my workflow.

Previously, we could click anywhere in the row to start editing it. Please give this functionality back to us!


I realize it’s a minority opinion in this thread, but I do want to speak up and say I myself am beyond thrilled with the spreadsheet style list. It is giving me greater visibility of and control over my data, including custom fields. For the first time ever I was able to create a “Global Project Guide” of or 20 or so major projects - where each project is represented by 1 task - and use custom fields with dropdowns to create an easy-to-use record of who is assigned to what program. I can also easily reorder the tasks in the list to stay updated as to the priority order of what we’re working on. This is a more detailed, useable high level view of my organization’s workload than I have ever been able to achieve in Asana.


Hi @Marie thanks for following up on this but no this doesnt work for me. I have logged out and back in just in case.

If i dont have the side panel open, its the same issue as before, i have to hit ENTER after TAB-T.

If the side panel is open, then i can hit TAB-T to add a tag but then if i click ENTER and the arrow keys, Asana tries to select other TAGS.

i am just trying to go through my list quickly to add tags and change dates. i dont need the side panel to be open. This new list view is causing a lot of friction and extra steps required to achieve an outcome which i think is the opposite of what Asana is trying to achieve. I hope?

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Couldn’t agree more. I can’t select a task without losing visbility or use of the custom fields.

I’m on a 27" monitor, and I can’t see anything but the task name once I have a task selected. This really sucks.


@Marie @Mark_McKenzie are there any solutions?

it’s very useful. Thank you!

Confirming what @Clayton_Chipper reports: for me too, I still need to press Enter after a Tab-T to begin typing a tag name.

You’re right that I can escape the Tag field with Left or Right, though I will never want to go left or right next. Instead, I will want to go up or down, most likely. In addition, there is a funny inconvenience with each (Left or Right) way of getting out of the Tag field:

  • To get out on the left, I have to hit Left multiple times to get to the start of the tag field.
  • By default, the Tag field is the last field in the view, so I can’t escape to the right unless I’ve changed the field ordering for that project.

This is something our team is aware of and I believe they working on a solution for this, I’ll keep you posted on this specific point as soon as I have an update!

We’re working on a fix to allow you exit the tag field using the Esc key, I’ll make sure to keep you posted here as soon as I have an update!

The biggest issue I have with the new grid view is the wasted white space. Which is a shame as all the tag and project names are cutoff which makes it basically unusable for me. Real shame. Hope you all find a way to do the best of both views.


More wasted white space, especially when sections are collapsed


I agree it should be a view that can be toggled from old style to new and let people set the default per project.


Thanks Maree, but that’s a real shame. The current list view is awesome and one of the best things about Asana. If I wanted to use something that looks like a spreadsheet and feels like a spreadsheet, guess what I’d use…?!


On the new spreadsheet view, I’m not able to manually re-order or organise tasks within sections. All we can do is remove tasks from sections then re-add them back into those sections through the side panel (this is not possible with dragging currently).