Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View!

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I’ve used Asana for 2+ years and converted 2 companies to Asana, totalling 100 new people.

This update destroyed our workflow and now we have to find ways around it. Instead of making our life easier, it made it harder. This is the first time in 2 years when I regret choosing Asana.

Please return the old view and stop forcing badly designed features. :pleading_face:


Please rollback to the previous list view! I have over 50 employees on Asana. We have developed dozens of highly detailed templates, and this new view is completely throwing off our workflow. This is really BAD!

  1. The panel that opens on the side hides critical information

  2. Adding tasks is now clunky

  3. Removing sections becomes a multi step process

  4. Exporting to CSV to format the timeline for client consumption has become a manual/labor intensive process.

I am starting to evaluate competing tools. Unless I have the option to rollback, I will look to migrate off the entire company in 2020.


Are there any updates on the changes you made in the latest update that have slowed workflow? It’s absurd that you have forced users to actually click into fields (when the right pane is closed) to assign individuals and set due dates. You can use keyboard shortcuts, but you can’t just start immediately typing like you used to. And even when you click in the date field to activate it, you still have to use your mouse to click a date.

You’re adding additional features at a wildfire pace, but it’s hard to get excited about that when you are actually slowing things down at the most basic level for your users. Same deal with the previous “TAB-N to create section” change. Shaking up basic functionality that for many of us is muscle memory.


Yes. We need the Details also.
Now there are so many more mouse clicks needed to get to information.


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Please revert! As others are saying, this update is terrible for productivity. It’s taking way more clicks to get to what I’m used to seeing. Adding new tasks is even a pain now.


Preach! I hate the new interface.

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I like new layout but miss the ability to use the same sections across multiple projects for consistency. This is beneficial for my templates and client projects.

Has anyone found a workaround for this?

I like the new add task mini popup window but would like to see more option added like the ability to mark for dependency or convert to subject.

I do agree the clicks to create a tasks using “enter” has increased or at least acts weird.

Some of the keyboard shortcuts no longer work for their intended purpose.

Hi @Ufuoma_Ogaga,

Were you multi-homing sections to your projects and templates? If so, I would set up a template with section headers so you can pull in those section titles to your projects when you start a new project.


Yes, I was multi-homing sections in my projects using one of my templates that I always duplicated for each new client. Under the old format, I could filter and group by sections for across multiple projects in my custom task list. With the new format, I haven’t figured out a way to continue the same process. ~ Ufuoma

@Ufuoma_Ogaga Are you using Advanced Reports or the My Task area when you filter and group by section?


A combination of both.

For those who are wanting to see the new list view format in My Tasks, you can add your vote for that request here:


110% love the new list view.:slightly_smiling_face:
Will this view be accessible for our “My Tasks” view?
This would be extremely beneficial


I love old list view.

Let’s vote!!

Voting thread
Revert to old list view (new is hard to read)

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I might be in the minority but I find the new list view easier to read and work with, but why wouldn’t ASANA give people the option of the two views?

Please, please enhance the personal list view! My team works on many different projects at one time and we are rarely, if ever, in the project itself. We work entirely off our individual lists which means we don’t have to try to find a task in a project to work on it. Custom tags, board view, this new spreadsheet layout, really needs to be added to the individual work list. Please!


Thanks for your feedback @Jeanine_Scott! This is something we’re currently looking into, I’ll be in touch when I have more info and a timeline to share!


I like this. :smiling_face:

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In the new view, is there any way to add in fields that automatically list a task’s Completion Date, Creation Date, etc.?