Introducing our new Spreadsheet-Inspired List View!

Hi @Phoebe_Yiin1 and welcome to the Forum!
This is probably happening because your project is sorted either by Assignee, due date or a Custom field. Just make sure to set Sort to “None”, and you should be able to drage and drop tasks around :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

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I would very much like to switch back to the old list view if possible. If not, below are some important items that need to be fixed:

  1. Project details are no longer visible. Previously, these were located in the upper right of each project. My team keeps relevant information that we need easily accessible in that area. It greatly slows our work flow to click the “i” to see these details.

  2. Project Import functionality is currently awry. Previously, we’d import a CSV to create each project and it was a seamless process. Now, we can import a project however it loads the sections in reverse order as opposed to mirroring the CSV (top to bottom).

Overall, I find this new spreadsheet view to be an eye sore. Before using Asana, my team managed our tasks in spreadsheets – and a reason we switched to Asana was for the clean design. The gridlines and wasted white space make the new view difficult to navigate. If this is to be the design moving forward, please find a way to limit the wasted white space between sections and fix the two issues outlined above.


Hi @Harrison_Stamell and thanks for sharing your feedback with us!

As it stands, it is not possible to opt out of this update, you can learn more about this in this other post.

I would also recommend creating a #productfeedback for each of the feedback you’ve posted above so we can follow-up on it internally and so other users can vote and support your request :slight_smile:

This is a really great improvement. Good job, Asana!


Had to join this forum to express how upset I am with these recent changes. I use Asana as an Editorial Calendar and the new collapsable sections have now made this completely impossible. They no longer work as headers, and it’s now impossible to drag a section within a section to further segment tasks. I’m also unable to even delete empty sections now! Not to mention the ridiculous amount of space the sections take up. If I wanted to use a clunky spreadsheet I would have. You’ve just destroyed your product!


Hi Marie,

Thanks for the quick reply. It’s currently set to None so its not that.

Thanks for the quick follow-up @Phoebe_Yiin1.

Could you please create a new thread in the #tipsandtricks category so we can start investigate? If you could share a screenshot of what you’re seeing it would also be super helpful to help us visualize what’s happening!

Looking forward to your reply!

I will say this is SO MUCH better than the old version! But I hope adjusting the width of columns is something that comes in a near future release. Some of the fields I need displayed on the list view have multiple items, and there is no way to see all of them.

I know I may be an exception, but I run full screen on a large monitor, so I have lots of blank (unusable) space even in the new design.


@Jason_Quiz, we already implemented the ability to resize columns, here is where you can find it:

Hope this helps!


Holy cow! this just made my day!! Thank you.


So I just tried this out… it is better but not great. As you can see it gets wider by a set amount, but for a Field like the one in my screen shot “Projects” everything is truncated and only a couple of items show. It would be great if we could just grab the edge of the column (like Google Sheets, Excel, etc) and just widen it to the width we need.


It is something we are looking into @Jason_Quiz but it will take a little longer to build, so in the meantime we wanted to give you a first option to resize columns. I’ll make sure to keep you posted as soon as I have an update!


How to add a new task is now slower and annoying:

  • Click on a cell.
  • Press enter.
  • Press enter again. ← This is incredibly frustrating.

Asana was great because it felt like you are typing out tasks in notepad. It was so speedy.

The new interface is so clumsy. Clicking outside the text opens the slide out panel. Clicking the text doesn’t. Its such poor UX.

And now it is slower than a spreadsheet for adding new tasks. In a spreadsheet I can click a cell, type something, then press down, then add a new task.

In Asana, I have to press enter twice.

Also, so much wasted space where you could show tags or containing projects.

Bring back the original Asana product manager from the early days please!


Looking into an alternative task management program since this new List view has severally limited my productivity. Steps back were taken. Never lose functions to gain functions. It’s just not a good idea.


please let us add a date to a task without having to touch the mouse!

eg enter task name, hit TAB-D type today, hit enter.

this is not currently possible with the new list view.


Hi @Clayton_Chipper, this is something we’re aware of, please follow Issue with shortcut behaviour in the new task list for updates.

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Will that include adjusting the ‘task name’ column?

I’ve read a bit about why the section headers are as they are now and I understand how it came to evolve given the list/board/list view. (Personally love the swap back and forth been amazing for us.)

My largest issue is Where did the description of my sections go? I had important information for my team in the section description regarding how to handle the tasks within.

It was also beneficial to be able to assign a section. It seems like even in board view you could be able to selection a section and see info on it if you wanted and that would maintain the content integrity.


For any section which contained data (description, dates, fields set, etc.), as part of the conversion Asana should have created a task with the exact same name as the section, placed right underneath the section, containing all of the data previously in the section. Do you see that task?


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