Introducing Formula Custom Fields!

Hi! Thank you for this great feature! However, I still can’t fully use it now because I can’t do multiple operations at once (unless there is actually a way to do it that I just don’t know). Often times when I need to prioritize features, I usually need to consider multiple factors and do multiple calculations such as (reach * impact * confidence / effort), but right now this feature only allows one operation at a time, so it’d be much more useful if I could select any number of columns and perform multiple operations at once. Happy to chat live if needed! Thank you!


Please see the posts above yours in the thread; there are advanced features coming soon.

Currently, blank fields do not translate to zero. Which is fine if there was a way to identify zero. My scenario is that I’d like to determine how much time is likely left on a task by subtracting actual time from estimated time. However, blank cells <> zero and thus are not subtracted. Thanks for your help!

I’m not sure if my concern is in the right post but is there a way to have the SUM total by row and also by column at the same time? If not, will having it by row possible?

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