Introducing Formula Custom Fields!


Not currently, but note that we’re hopeful to see this:


I have noticed that you can’t use a calculated formula field to perform another calculation. In other words, you can’t use the result of a formula as the input for another one.

Is this something you are planning to improve with the advance editor?

Premium is also a paid version yet it seems most of what we need to use is locked under Business :frowning: doesn’t feel like we get much for Premium!

Hi everyone!

Congratulations for the developer team, I think this news has been expected by all of us :slight_smile:

I just want to give two feedbacks:

  1. Implementation of operation “Sum” for dates custom fields: one of the examples that could be applied to our company is the fact that we have a date to represent the deliver of some project tasks, and for us is important to know when we are going to be paid for it. It would be really good if we could use an integer field to sum the due date. Ex: 06/22/23 + 4 (days) = 06/26/23.

  2. Division of a numeric custom field by estimated/actual time custom fields: at our company we sometimes want to calculate performance metrics. We design buildings, so one of this would be an indicator in m²/hours:

Even with the possibility to perform this operation, the obtained values didn’t come out as expected:


It would be awesome to have formula fields for portifolios in the future too!

Thanks for your attention and have a good work.


It’s good to see that when creating a formula for (due date) minus (start date) the value is in days (and hours if a start/end time is added).

However, for a task that runs for a week, Monday to Friday, for example 3rd July until 7th July (5 days), the value unfortunately returns as 4 days. All the values from the formula are 1 day less which in turn provides an inaccurate SUM (albeit in weeks & days instead of just days). So a task that is to be completed in a day, returns a blank value, instead of 1d.

@Nao_Kumazaki , is this something the product team is looking to address? Or could they explain the logic behind this function (of values showing 1 day less than they should).


Thank you for all the comments!

@Esteban_Giannini, The product team is aware of the need :slight_smile: We cannot confirm yet if this feature is in the advanced editor. But the team plans to build it in the future.

@João_Valente For the 1st idea, the team is planning to add this feature to the Advanced editor, but we are still building it, so I cannot tell you if it will be 100% added in the next launch.

@Richard_Sather Thank you for flagging this. I am checking with the product team about the task duration value (due date minus start date).


Hi @Richard_Sather, According to the product team, this is working as expected. However, with the advanced editor formula, users will be able to add 1 to the calculation to get the value that they need :slight_smile:

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Glad to see the addition of a calculated field that allows for very simple add/subtract/multiply and divide of two non-derived columns. I would suggest simply adding in real PMI Project Management Earned Value functionality.

Hi everyone! I’m happy to announce Formula custom fields are now supported in Portfolios :tada:

Please note, we are gradually rolling out this update, and it will become available to all Business and Enterprise customers soon!

Stay tuned for more updates coming in the next few weeks!


Hello there, is there a possibility to use the formular field type for multiplication across three values (i.e. three columns)? All we can find is being able to multiply two values to automatically calculate the result in an additional column. Many thanks!

Hi @Myrian_Rigal Not at this launch. But we are preparing to release the advanced version of Formula Custom Field soon with additional functionalities. Stay tuned!


Thanks @Nao_Kumazaki
I’m getting totally excited about this one!! :grin:


I hope to see this update soon! The ability to perform calculations on more than two fields would be super helpful to solve an issue I have.

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Hi, is there any visibility on when multiple values might be available?

It would be nice to create options for multi-level formulas. So that it is possible to create more than one mathematical operation. The inability to create formulas from fields that are already a formula is also very cumbersome.

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @anon67472475 :wave:

It seems they are working on more features to come :slight_smile:

Create a more advanced custom formula. Current state = Column (±/) Column. But I’d like to be able to say (Column (±/) Column) (±/) (Column (±/) Column) etc.

The use case is that I’d like to create a weighted calculation across multiple fields. The weights will always stay the same, but essentially, I want:
Input value 1 X “5” + Input value 2 x “4” etc

So I tried to create this in custom formula - it didn’t work. I then tried to create columns that would be “input value 1” AND “weight 1” and then created a custom formula column. Without adding 15 or 20 columns, there is not a good workaround

Welcome, @anon7223420,

See the post just prior to yours; this is expected.



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Great addition!

Would love the ability to multiply/divide/add/subtract by a manually input number as well, not just a preset or existing field… for example, it would be helpful to divide Estimated Time by 8, to get the equivalent number of business days. Also would be great to have the option to view/calculate either 24 hour days vs. 8 hour days for time fields. Thanks!


Hi @anon4573532 , welcome to the forum :wave:

What you mention will hopefully be possible in the follow up update using the advanced version of Formula Custom field as @Nao_Kumazaki has mentioned:

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