Introducing Asana release notes



Introducing Asana release notes! We’ve heard your feedback that you’re interested in knowing all the changes happening to Asana, both big and small. Each month we’ll update this guide article with new Asana features that are available to all Asana customers. Let us know what you think!


Great job, Asana team! A much appreciated feature.


Love this!


Yay omg I’m such a nerd and I love reading release notes. Thank you thank you! =)


@Alexis is it possible to have something similar for the API from your engineering team?

Changes/additions, like the Organization exports, happened and we got them by luck.


We’ll keep that in mind! Thanks for the suggestion. Cc our web dev folks, @Matt_Bramlage and @Jeff_Schneider.


Great :wink:


Great! But even better would be to have this right in Asana. Like Toggle does, for example.
After an update, I should just get a notification in Inbox, that a new version is live, with a link to changelog. Otherwise, how do I know when the new stuff comes?


Very helpful - Any chance we can receive this as Asana inbox notification when update? Or regular email notification?


@Tyro We’ve got a Log of changes and improvements to Asana, monthly at least, even if not running.
@Peter_Skjoldager Your (our) low hopes came true. :slight_smile:


@Jan_Dugovic , as I understand it, and have experienced it, features are dropped in live now and then, so there are no actual “versions”. Perhaps you could confirm @Alexis ?

And therefore I (and Tyro) really would like updates more often. A month is a long time to wait. I mean, as you go live with a function, why not drop us just a line about it? At least, as mentioned above, we could sign up for / follow it. A monthly update rate is what I’d expect for e.g. FAQ.
(Pushing the envelope here :smiley: )


Fantastic! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback, everyone! We’ll pass this along.


I am interested in this as well. We stay up-to-date to SaaS updates through having them sent which goes into our helpdesk inbox so that we can triage through it. Not having any way to subscribe to these updates is unfortunate :confused:

Great step in the right direction though!


This is very handy to have! What would also be wonderful is for it to include a list of future updates that are currently in the works so that we know what other features we’ve got to look forward to.


@Alexis love this feature! Following up on @Johan 's comment: will this be updated monthly? Ive noticed we haven’t had an update in quite some time.


Thanks for checking, @Tyro! So glad you’re interested. We’re still working out the kinks in our process, but I plan to share these more regularly moving forward. :slight_smile:


App just informed me that there is Siri integration now. I closed it thinking it was an annoying message but should have clicked learn more. Now I can’t find any information about it. No mention of it anywhere! Not listed as a feature yet. Just wanted to see how to best use it as creating a task is great but I want it assigned and in a project.

Also IOS guide link is broken in the app. (Using latest app)


Hey @Paul_Anslow! You can find out more about the Siri integration in this article from our blog: There is also a small section in our guide: Looks like I’m also having an issue with the Guide link in the app. I’ll make sure to escalate this, thanks for letting us know!