Introduce the concepts of Clients

We deal with lots of clients many of which have multiple teams within an organisation. I’ve seen suggestions of using projects as clients, but that doesn’t help when you want to silo projects within a client.

Asana would become much more useful to agencies if you introduced the concept of clients as a non-hierarchical dimension in Asana. HEre’s how it would work, in my etes

  • I can create multiple projects and Assign them to a client
  • I can now share a timeline, or a project with the relevant team in the client organisation, without them being distracted by the other work for the same client in other areas
  • A PM in my team can see all of the work going for a client by viewing the Client
  • A team member can look at the project they are working on by looking at a project, without being distracted by unrelated sections
  • Important Client information can be stored agains the client - contacts, notes etc

I’ve called them clients here, but they could easily be called project groups or similar.

Hi @Zander_Grinfeld:

This is a great concept! I have attached a couple of Asana articles that may be of use to you. The articles speak on working with “guests” or clients in your situation within your organization, and the use of links within a project.

Hope this helps!