Intro to Asana Virtual Events - Nov 29, Dec 13 and Jan 10 at 10:00 AM (CST)

Time to end all that "work about work."

If you’re experiencing tech-trauma and ready for a solution that will both alleviate your pain-points (see below) and play nice with your existing tech, this free course is for you.

This “intro to Asana” course is designed for those who are looking for a solution but haven’t decided if Asana is it yet. This 30 minute event will offer you an overview of the platform and a live Q&A with Asana Certified Professional, Jacque McHugh, CEO of the marketing agency Branding Bear (aka “The Marketing Mama Bear”).

For all the info, see the course on the Asana events page by clicking the date you’re interested in - and RSVP to attend: 11/29/21, 12/13/21, 1/10/22

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