Intermittent bug when dragging New Task to Today


For the last month or so, when I drag from New Tasks to the top of Today, about 50% of the time or more, the task is dropped waaaaay down in the bottom-most subsection of Today. This is a major headache because dragging tasks from New Tasks to Today is a very common action I take in Asana. I spent multiple minutes every day locating the task at the bottom and dragging it back up to the top.

I hard-reload Asana every day.

Is this issue being tracked? When will it be fixed?


Hey @Gabe_Kopley
Sorry you’re having trouble!
Can you let us know what browser and version you’re using so we can file this as a bug with our Product Team?
I’m also wondering if you face the same issue if you use the keyboard shortcuts (Tab + Y to move to ‘Today’, Tab + L to move to ‘Later’, and Tab + U to move to 'Upcoming).


Hi Shannon,

Thanks for the reply and the keyboard shortcuts! I have never tried the
shortcuts but will try them now and report what I find.

I’m on Chrome 57.0.2987.98 (64-bit) on Debian Jessie.


I figured it out!

It happens when I drag into the “Today” heading, before I release, a dashed border box appears around the “Today” heading, and if I release then, the task will go to the very bottom of “Today”.

If instead I drag below the heading, then I will not see the dashed border box, and the task lands exactly where I drop it.

So this is probably not a bug but is intended behavior that caught me.