Intergration of Dyslexic freindly fonts

Dyslexia affects 20% of the population meaning a large pool of Asana users will also deal with it in varying severity

There are now specific fonts which are designed to support ease of reading such as OpenDyslexic. Sever other programs such as Quip now have the option to switch this on (without allowing overall font changes to the rest)

An integration like this would be hugely beneficial to Dyslexic users and other users with reading issues.

Thanks for creating this request and sharing your feedback with us, @Matt_Whaley! I’ve sent this information to our product team so they can consider it in future updates.

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Thanks @Matt_Whaley, great find!

this might be a good use for a chrome extension to override the existing fonts.

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Hi @Matt_Whaley and welcome to the forums!

A great idea! Thanks for sharing @Matt_Whaley