Interesting behavior when moving a task to a sub-task

I do not know if this is a bug or a feature but today I found that converting a task to a sub-task have two different behaviors depending on where you do the conversion.

Behavior 1: Losing the Project

  1. Open a project in list view With Task 1 and Task 2 and then open “Task 1”
    Under “Advance Actions” use the “Make a sub-task of” function and make Task 1 a sub-task of Task 2.
  2. Now the task becomes a sub-task of task 2 but loses the project connection on the sub-task level (It will keep any other Project association with other projects) It will also keep the assignee

Behavior 2: Losing the Assignee

  1. Assign Task 1 and Task 2 to yourself
  2. Open “My Tasks” and select Task 1
  3. Now do the same and add Task 1 as a sub-task to Task 2
  4. The result now is that the task loses the assignee but keeps all the project links.

I wonder how other scenarios would change the behavior.

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Hi @Marie

I saw another post and your reply for issue 1 above which I couldn’t refind. Was this as initially built or a bug?


Hi @groblerpaul and @Jason_Woods :wave:t3:

I believe both behaviours are currently expected at the moment.

Behaviour 1 is a consequence of subtasks not being naturally linked to their parent task project. When converting a task to a subtask, is like creating a subtask from scratch, if you want it to be linked to your project, you currently to manually link it. We’ve plans to start tackling the subtask issue within the next couple of months, so this issue should hopefully be addressed then.

Behaviour 2: I escalated a tasks a couple of weeks ago and our team explained that this is currently expected because of how our data model fonctions in the backend, but definitely not something that users would expect either, so we’re planning to sort this out as part of our subtask update!

Sorry I don’t have a solution to share just yet, I’ll be in touch as soon as we start tackling this work!


Thanks for the response.
After some more testing: It seems the behaviour is connected to the current view. Eg viewing all tasks connected to a tag removes the associated tag. This makes the rule predictable.

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