Integration or Custom App? Automated reports

I am searching this community but keep getting posts 2 years old so I am posting this to see if anyone can point me in the right direction if there is an app/integration that will do this or if I need to have something custom built

I need to run a report twice a month, that reports all the tasks completed by each assignee. I will need a total numeric value of a custom field computed.

I need a copy to this report send to them, and to me or shared with both.

then I need all the tasks in the report tagged (sent, done, whatever)

I can download the CSV and get the data but this is cumbersome and inefficient.

I’ll continue searching the forum, but this seems like a really common thing that many people would need, so it seems like there would be something made already.

Hi @Ben_Shepardson1 and welcome to the Forum .

If you haven’t yet, I would recommend to check out these integrations compatible with Asana:

If you’re looking for a custom integration crafted directly for your needs, I would recommend reaching out to one of our Certified Pro who might be able to build this for you:

@lpb who developed Asana2go might also be able to chime in and help you find a solution :slight_smile:

Hope this helps Ben; let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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Hi @Ben_Shepardson1 and thanks @Marie,

Asana2Go would be able to produce the report you need and tally the custom field with a custom report based on one of the many standard reports already provided. I can do this or you may have someone with basic HTML and template language knowledge to do the customization. The report would be launched manually when you need it based on a saved search in Asana that would be trivial to set up, and you can just use Asana to mark it it done, tagged as Sent, etc.


for articles and videos on Asana2Go, or search here in this forum. If interested, contact me here with a Private Message or at one of the links.



I will try it, I tired the data link functionality in velocity and that pretty much would do everything, I needed. It would import the tasks into docs by assignee which would be most of the time suck.

I could then copy them to new sheets as they are accounted for

Still leaves the issue of updating the task tags

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