Integration for Call Back times

I would like the follow part of my biz to run alot smooter within asana. i click “DUE DATE” to into input a time but i would like it to have Follow up time or Call Back time option as well

i like that the colors change when the time gets closer, so i would to keep that functionality . Im aware i can do this manually by created a custom field but i would like it integrated

That is a very business-specific need, and usually Asana stays very generic in its approach.

Hello @Fredrick_Davis and welcome to the forum :wave:,

This sounds similar to the nudge reminders that others have mentioned. You may want to check out other feedback submissions to vote on, such as Nudge Reminders.

Rather than using custom fields you could create a subtask or second task as your follow-up time/call back time with a dependency. You could even set up a rule to help decrease the burden of doing this manually. Just a thought.


I see. I would think this would be integrated seeing that is task based…all the info is coming from a customer call or a customer’s email. And with followups being so critical… seems like a no brainer

You’ll have to work with custom fields I think.